Northern Club

Overall champion, Beautry Kooky Rose

Overall champion, Beautry Kooky Rose

13th November 2016 | Judge: Mr J Borland

Reserve overall champion, Clipper X1152 of Upsall

Overall champion, Beautry Kooky Rose

Bull born 1.9.15 - 31.12.15
1st Derwentwood Jagger

Bull born 1.1.16 - 28.2.16
1st Sleightholme Snapdragon 2nd
2nd Highlee Kurly Wurly
3rd Sowerby Parks Kinkade

Bull born 1.3.16 - 25.3.16
1st Beautry Kilimanjaro
2nd Stonehills Kracker Jack
3rd Lipwood Kemp

Bull born on or after 26.3.16
1st Kellythorpe Knowhow
2nd Sleightholme Speedwell
3rd Kellythorpe Kamma

Heifer born 1.1.16 - 12.1.16
1st Highlee Kitkat
2nd Gilven Sapphire Krystal
3rd Highlee Karamel

Heifer born 13.1.16 - 20.2.16
1st Jilt X1128 of Upsall
2nd Stonehills Fairy Clipper 10th
3rd Sowerby Parks Nonpareil

Heifer born 21.2.16 - 18.3.16
1st Beautry Kookie Rose
2nd Raindale Joyful Katy
3rd Inglestone Marguerite Katy

Heifer born on or after 19.3.16
1st Clipper X1152 of Upsall
2nd Raindale Margo 3rd
3rd Raindale Gypsy Kamara

Male Champion: Beautry Kilimanjaro
Reserve Male Champion: Sleightholme Snapdragon 2nd
Female Champion & Overall Champion: Beautry Kooky Rose
Reserve Female & Overall Reserve Champion: Clipper X1152 of Upsall

Judges Report:
It was a pleasure to be asked to judge this increasingly popular calf show. There was 36 entries forward.

My male champion was Beautry Kilimanjaro a nice thick roan bull very good on his legs. My reserve was Sleightholme Snapdragon 2nd another good roan bull but not quite as thick as my champion. My female champion was Beautry Kooky Rose a long clean heifer good over her top and legs. My reserve was Clipper X1152 of Upsall not quite as stylish as my champion but worthy of reserve. My overall champion was the Beautry heifer with the Upsall heifer as reserve. The young handler champion was Beth Barker who did an excellent job, with Megan Park as my reserve.

I would like to extend my thanks to the exhibitors and stewards for making my day so enjoyable.

J Borland