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Looking for the Ultimate, Functional Suckler Cow?

Looking for the Ultimate, Functional Suckler Cow ?

If you are still searching for a functional suckler cow, then talk to Derek and Cindy Steen. The couple manage 2,500 acres of upland in the Borders where they say Beef Shorthorn is fundamental to their livestock enterprise, both for the now and the future.

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Angus and Shorthorn shine for young Irishman

James Porter - Uppermill IT TAKES a brave man to break into the ‘glamorous’ world of pedigree livestock breeding, let alone prove himself and his breeding skills amongst Scotland’s world-renowned stockmen and women. But come up with the goods and a vision for the future and breeders soon sit up and take notice.

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Jennifer Mackenzie visits Major John Gibb at Glenisla Shorthorns

Major John Gibb - Glenisla Shorthorns

Hardy, docile Beef Shorthorn cattle are part of the beautiful Perthshire landscape grazing at up to 1,500ft on the heather hill above Glenisla House. The traditional breed has been run on the Blairgowrie hill farm since the 1970s and for the last 15 years Major John Gibb has been breeding the cattle pure for his Glenisla herd, calving 60 females each spring.

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Hill Farming has a Serious Role to Play

James Playfair-Hannay - Morebattle Tofts

Jennifer Mackenzie visits Morebattle Tofts - James Playfair-Hanny

Traditional breeds of suckler cows which can be out-wintered on the hill are the key to profitable beef production for James Playfair Hannay.

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Easily Managed Beef Shorthorns are the Ideal Cattle at Nord Vue

Charles Lowther - Lowther Shorthorns

Jennifer Mackenzie visits Charles Lowther at Lowther Shorthorns

Easily managed Beef Shorthorns are proving to be the ideal cattle for an organic farm in Cumbria's Eden Valley. Against the prospects of a changing subsidy system, conversion to organic status began six years ago at Nord Vue, Armathwaite, near Carlisle.

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